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Become Certified as a CSV

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What is Certification?

Certification is a voluntary, national program of industry recognition. Certification is a designation earned by a person to certify that he or she is qualified to perform a job. Certification indicates that the individual has a minimum set of knowledge, skills, or abilities in the view of the certifying body to perform their job to the satisfaction of water managers and customers.

After the completion of your Storage Metering Installation & Validation Training and the submission of all assignments and evidence required to meet the required standards you will be awarded 'Certification" and become a Certified Storage Meter Installer and Validator (CSV). 

The fee for the first two years of certification is included in your training course fee and once we receive the signed copies of the Code of Conduct and Complaints documents you will be issued with a CSV logo and a CSV identification card that will include your photo and CSV expiry date.

You will then be able to purchase tamper evident seals from the Irrigation Australia store. 

You are then qualified to install and validate storage meters in NSW.



By requiring a regular re-certification process Irrigation Australia is ensuring that certified personnel remain active in the industry and are keeping their knowledge and skills up-to-date. People who demonstrate this by earning the required CPD points in the required timeframe will maintain their active status. Those failing to earn the required CPD points will be considered non-active. There are two different, though similar, sets of CPD guidelines, one set for Certified Irrigation Designers which are assessed annually and another for all remaining certifications, assessed every two (2) years. Irrigation Australia will conduct random audits of 5% of all CPD returns each year.

  • Remain active in the industry in an area related to the certification
  • Require evidence for 10 points every two years
  • Renewal fee $290 for members or $440 for non-members



To add points to your CPD in readiness for online renewal, you will need to go to MY CPD and ADD ACTIVITY via the Member Centre to your certification record. This can be done anytime throughout the renewal period.

These activities will be approved and verified by Irrigation Australia and upon reaching the minimum of 10 points over two (2) years, you will receive an email advising that you have met the criteria for renewal.

To RENEW - Log into the MEMBER CENTRE and go to MY MEMBERSHIPS to enable online renewal. You will also receive notification via email that your membership is due to expire.

Reminders will be sent periodically both before and after your renewal date.

We would prefer for all Certifications to be managed online via our new website but if you are experiencing difficulty, please contact the IAL office on 1300 949 891 or and we can assist with your renewal or CPD activity.


To manage your CPD points and renew your certification, you must log in as a member on our website at

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