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Tamper Evident Seals

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Under the metering rules, metering equipment must have tamper evident seals to show whether the equipment has been interfered with.

Metering equipment includes the meter itself plus any ancillary wiring, pipework, telemetry equipment or apparatus and any supporting structure.

Only duly qualified persons, NRAR officers or WaterNSW staff may install or break a tamper evident seal.

Under the metering rules, the NSW Government has appointed Irrigation Australia Limited (IAL) as the approved provider of all tamper-evident seals. The supply of tamper evident seals Order was signed on 16 March 2020 and published on this website on 21 April 2020.

Only current duly qualified persons can purchase seals from the website and each certified person will need to login to the IAL website using their membership credentials before a purchase can be made.

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